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An escape room is a physical adventure game in which players solve a series of puzzles and riddles using clues, hints and strategy to complete the objectives at hand. Players are given a set time limit to unveil the secret plot which is hidden within the rooms. 


Reopening our escape rooms is set for June 10th.


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Santa's Workshop

For a limited time only!


Preparations for Christmas have hit a snag this year. The Elves rearranged the workshop trying to make it more productive. But in doing so, they have accidentally put the Naughty and Nice list in such a safe spot that Santa himself cannot get to it. Can you help Santa get to his list and save Christmas for all the kids around?

Minimum of 4 people; $20/person

Family friendly


Escape the Class Room

The teacher is out on her break and will be back in 45 minutes. That's how long you (and your group) have to find the 'answer book' for the big test coming up. However, the teacher got smart, after finding evidence of someone rummaging through her room looking for it, and hid the book. She left herself some clues and puzzles to find it. So, now is your chance... But oh no ... The door shut and locked behind you. Now you have to find her spare key too. 
Will you make it out (with the book), or get caught?

Minimum of 2 people; $20/person

Family friendly

Field Trip to the Museum

Lost on a field trip, you and your classmates wander off, and somehow find your group locked in the janitor's room next to the Egyptian exhibit. You must use your wits and teamwork to get through the exhibit's puzzles and not get caught. That's the last thing you want - another bad mark on your permanent record. With only 45 minutes left before check-in time with the chaperones, do you have what it takes to make it out in time?

Minimum of 3 people; $20/person

Family friendly

The Vice Principal went mad with authority! The Principal got lucky and locked him into the Detention cell by tricking him. Little did the Principal know that the Vice Principal was prepared for such an instance. When the power came back on, he had vanished. It is your group's mission to make the School safe again. Figure out all the clues to find out how he escaped. Or did he???

Minimum of 3 people; $20/person

With a scare factor


The Principal's


Principal's Office.jpg

Your group was caught by your Math teacher snooping thru her room in search for the answer book to the next big test. Of course, that got you sent to the principal's office! As you get there, you notice that the Secretary and Principal both have already left on their lunch break. Trying to get back to class, you realize that the office door had locked behind you after you entered. You only have 45 mintes to find the key to the door and escape before the Secretary or the Principal return. Will you succeed or will you end up with a mark on your record?

Minimum of 2 people; $20/person

Family friendly

This is a mobile Escape Room! Situated in a trailer.


As the end of the school year approaches, you are so excited that it is almost time for the field trip that you've been waiting for all year! Of course, you have to turn in your permission slip in order to go. In the midst of all the excitement, you walked into the teachers' lounge instead of the office. Since students are not supposed to have access to this room, the door actually locks behind you. Why was it open to begin with? Oh no, you only have 45 minutes until the end of the day and the Secretary in the office leaves. You've got to get that permission slip to the office!
Will you make it out in time or will this be the year you don't get to go on the end of year field trip?

Minimum of 2 people; $20/person

Family friendly


The Lounge