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You're in class and you find yourselves daydreaming - dreaming of pirates and their treasure.  You and your group are actually on their ship and must find their CURSED treasure.  Return it to its right place to break the curse!  You only have 60 minutes before your time is up.  Can you break the curse in time or will you be stuck and have to swab the deck?

Minimum of 4 people; $35/person

With a small scare factor (Dark scenes, skeleton props)

Pirate's Daydream


Shop class has a big test coming up. Of course, you didn't study for it! Everyone knows the teacher keeps a copy of the answers in his desk. After the last class tried to gain access to it, the teacher has gotten wiser. Now it's harder than ever (even for him) to get around. 

Can you navigate your way to the teacher's desk and get out within the 60 minutes before his return? Or will you get caught?

Minimum of 4 people; $35/person

 (Dark scenes, loud noises)




Science lab


What happened in the science lab? Did the teacher blow it up? Did he get blown up? The Police couldn't even figure this out. They decided to just seal it up, and the case went cold.  Now, it is your turn to use your wits and teamwork to get through the Lab's puzzles, and hopefully find the escape route that the teacher may have used. With the 60 minutes, do you have what it takes to make it out in time?

Minimum of 4 people; $35/person

With a small scare factor (Dark atmosphere, skeleton props)

Family friendly

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